Structural Welding

Structural Steel- Why we use structural steel in constructions, Due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, less steel is needed in a single support or beam, reducing material costs and improving its sustainable nature. It can withstand strong physical impacts and forces, keeping building occupants safe, but won’t wear away or need to be replaced afterwards. This extra strength can be retained through the design, rather than the amount of steel used
Steel Decking- Why we use steel Decking in Construction,Steel decking, when used as flooring, can provide additional stability to a structural frame. When used as roof decking, a narrower rib pattern must be created to increase strength and support roofing materials. Steel decking is an economical, permanent, easy-to-install option for builders.
Steel Joist and Girders - Why Do we use Steel joist and girders, In structural engineering, the open web steel joist (OWSJ) is a lightweight steel truss consisting, in the standard form, of parallel chords and a triangulated web system, proportioned to span between bearing points.

Steel Stair cases- can hold up extreme conditions such as natural calamities and excessive weight. Structural steel is almost 5x stronger than concrete or timber staircases.
Roof Screen - Steel Roof screen are a good way to ensure safety and structural support along with hiding the eye sore of a machanical unit on the roof of you building.
Trash Enclosures- The purpose of a Dumpster Enclosure is to hide or contain trash from sight , Most architects design this out of steel to prevent s corrosions and water runoff of the trash.
Roof access ladder- Roof Access Ladders Exterior Standard fixed steel ladders are custom made for the external use on all building exteriors. They are available for climbing heights from 10 ‘ through 30 ‘ and are ideal for hatch-way or side step landing access. Internal Roof Access Ladders
Railing - A railing may also add beauty to your home or building, though its primary purpose is safety. Consider the safety benefits of steel railings: Railings help people keep their balance on steps and platforms